Saturday, January 11, 2014

Seven Keys to Healthy Weight Loss In Seven Days

For a successful, lasting and healthy weight loss, avoid rapid weight loss method. A good weight loss should be long-term and new dietary habits should be easy to maintain for a long time, perhaps for life.

Also be aware that a too rapid weight loss makes you lose muscle mass and you risk having lower energy than you had before you started to lose weight .A healthy diet should , in addition to covering the need for nutrients, also lead to a primarily fat mass is reduced while lean body mass is preserved. A sustainable rate of weight loss is about 1-2 kg per month.The important balanceWeight gain occurs when there is imbalance so that energy intake is greater than energy expenditure. To achieve weight loss comes the shift the balance the other way so that energy intake is lower than energy expenditure. To achieve this it is best to both cut down on energy intake and increase energy expenditure.In order to be able to keep a healthy and sustainable diet should be composed so that you:


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Just imagine Slim is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which has proven to be very effective in changing people's mindset in many different areas . As the method is based on you 'll learn how to change your thinking so that helps , not hurts you, it is an extremely effective method that can be used for many different problem areas. Using CBT method in particular weight loss program has proven to be very effective . Several scientific studies have shown better results by just CBT program than from other types of weight loss programs .CBT is based on our thoughts about ourselves and life affects the way we act and feel . With CBT , you can learn to identify your sabotaging thoughts and redirect both thought and action so that you take control. CBT teaches you to solve problems, and people who are constantly trying to lose weight ( and fail) tend to have many problems.
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Loss of two kilograms per week 

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Someone has found my blog by googling on "weight loss of 2 kg a week ." That person must have been very disappointed. I do not believe in quick weight loss. I would not dare put up deadlines for me to reach a certain weight goals . If I did, I would just be disappointed that I did not manage to follow a strict diet . If I'm in the unlikely event manage to keep a strict diet for a long period , and if I then did not go down as fast as I wanted , I would totally give up.